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Lights All Night 2012 Aftermath Trailer
Lights All Night 2012 Aftermath Trailer

The Wiedemann Digital film crew was on hand to capture 2 nights of electronic insanity at the Dallas Convention Center over New Year’s 2011/2012. With a lineup that included DJ Tiesto, Girl Talk, Flux Pavilion, Diplo, Benny Benassi, Laidback Luke, Porter Robinson, Dada Life, and more…this festival did not disappoint. The footage that follows is an epic montage of those two nights including an intro from legendary frontman of the Doors, Jim Morrison. Click through to check out the vid.

Bassnectar’s 2011 Fall Tour Recap Video
Bassnectar's 2011 Fall Tour Recap Video

After the success of our 2011 Summer Tour Aftermath Trailer we were fortunate to collaborate once again with famous electronic music producer Lorin Ashton, also known as Bassnectar. Our camera crew traveled with Bassnectar across Texas capturing some of his rowdiest performances ever in Houston, Austin and Dallas. We then sat down and scoured through hundreds of hours of footage from shows all over the United States, bringing to life the best highlights from 40 different cities. The result is the Bassnectar 2011 Fall Tour Recap Video. Click through to check it out – it’s pretty rowdy.

Camp Bisco 11 Announcement Trailer
Camp Bisco 11 Announcement Trailer

After our Camp Bisco X Aftermath Trailer in 2011, we were asked to produce a spot that would begin to build excitement for the event in 2012. What followed was a more relaxed but still exciting video giving future concert-goers a taste of what they’ll experience this coming year. Here’s the Camp Bisco 11 Announcement Trailer.

Dallas Video Production | Dallas Production Company
Dallas Video Production  |  Dallas Production Company

It’s been over a year since we started Wiedemann Digital and we figured there was no better way to celebrate everything we’ve done than to create a highlight reel of our past years work. From cameras strapped to Corvette ZR-1′s going 150+, our camera guys hanging out of private helicopters filming the Camp Bisco Music Festival, professional boxers training regimens, Bassnectar’s wild summer shows, and more – here’s some of our past years highlights. Enjoy.

Bassnectar’s 2011 Summer Tour Recap Video
Bassnectar's 2011 Summer Tour Recap Video

Few artists currently generate more buzz and enthusiasm than electronic music producer Lorin Ashton, famously known as Bassnectar. Wiedemann Digital collaborated with the producer on his latest video: The Summer Tour Recap Trailer. Featuring legendary sets from Electric Daisy Carnival, Camp Bisco, The Hangout, Bass Island, and many more, click through to check out this hard-hitting, bass-thumping trailer.

The Official Aftermath Trailer for Camp Bisco X
The Official Aftermath Trailer for Camp Bisco X

The 3-day outdoor music festival Camp Bisco celebrated its 10th year in 2011 and did so in record fashion, bringing in over 26,000 music craved fans. Wiedemann Digital was there all three days as the official video team of the festival and captured some incredible moments on video. Our team captured aerial shots from a private helicopter, footage in a torrential downpour during the band Shpongle’s first ever live show in the U.S., and shots of over 100 artists playing their sets. Bands and artists on hand included Bassnectar, Pretty Lights, Ghostland Observatory, Cut Copy, Skrillex, Four Tet, and more. This video is the result and the Official aftermath trailer for Camp Bisco 10. Enjoy. Oh yeah, and watch it in HD.

The Freddy Fund
The Freddy Fund

From Tragedy to Inspiration. This is the 4 minute video for The ‘Freddy Fund’ which was created to honor the life of the late Freddy Garcia. Freddy was a reserve player for the soccer club FC Dallas who passed away in his sleep at the age of 24 while studying for his exams at the University of North Texas. Donations can be made at FreddyFund.com and will go to the opening of a new soccer facility in Freddy’s old neighborhood in Dallas, Texas at Maple Lawn Elementary. Footage was shot by Slice Media and edited at Wiedemann Digital.

Camp Bisco X Trailer
Camp Bisco X Trailer

This is the 3 minute trailer for the Camp Bisco 10 concert which is taking place in Mariaville, NY on July 7th – 9th, 2011. Camp Bisco features over 100 bands and acts including Wiz Khalifa, Pretty Lights, Bassnectar, Cut Copy, The Disco Biscuits, and more. Now on its 10th year the concert is still going strong and you can be assured that this anniversary will be a special one. All Footage was compiled, edited, titled and effected at Wiedemann Digital.

Tiger Woods –Redemption
Tiger Woods --Redemption

Sometimes, inspiration is the greatest motivator. After seeing friends and family, countless people all over the internet, and anyone with a voice write off Tiger Woods as someone who will ‘never be the same’ and ‘will never be as dominant’, we were motivated to create a trailer showing just the opposite. What ensued was 19 hours of continuous editing, motion graphics, and audio mixing for none other than Golf’s (still) greatest legend, Tiger Woods. The timing is right too, as he will be playing in the upcoming Augusta Masters Tournament scheduled to take place from April 4th – April 10th, 2011. The footage isn’t ours but all post-production work was done by Wiedemann Digital in Dallas, TX.

2011 New Year’s in Dallas Aftermath Video
 2011 New Year's in Dallas Aftermath Video

After creating the 2011 Concert Promotion Video to bring out the masses on New Year’s Eve in Dallas, TX, Wiedemann Digital had a film crew on hand to catch the chaos that would ensue. And that it did. With over 6,000 people packed like sardines inside the multi-leveled Plaza of the America’s venue and musical performances by Ghostland Observatory, Archnemesis, Kool DJ Supa Mike, and more, there was no shortage of unbelievable moments to catch on tape. And with a 5 man film-crew at the venue all strapped with HD cameras, that’s exactly what we did. Over 25 hours of HD footage later, filming was complete and this is the result.

New Year’s Eve Concert Promotion Video 2011
New Year's Eve Concert Promotion Video 2011

This Concert Video showcases the boundary defying electronic band Ghostland Observatory from Austin, TX. With edgy motion graphics and fast-paced footage tied to an energetic soundtrack which was remixed in house at Wiedemann Digital, this video is sure to bring people out to the performance. This trailer was created at Wiedemann Digital in preparation for their upcoming 2011 New Year’s Eve Concert at the Plaza of the Americas in Dallas, TX.

The Story of Professional Boxer Willie Monroe Jr.
The Story of Professional Boxer Willie Monroe Jr.

This documentary which aired on PBS in New York follows the inspiring life of professional boxer Willie Monroe Jr. Guided by a hard-hitting soundtrack and stunning visuals, viewers are taken through Monroe’s unbelievably strict and taxing training regimens to his life outside of boxing. Born and raised in dangerous inner-city Rochester, Monroe Jr. shares stories of his childhood that he, and you, will never forget. From boxing on the pro circuit to family conflict all the way to his rising music career, Willie Monroe Jr’s story is one we can all learn from. Shot on location in Ithaca and Rochester, New York. This piece was Directed by Neth Wiedemann and Edited and Produced at Wiedemann Digital.

Cindy Burkett ‘One of Us’
Cindy Burkett 'One of Us'

Winner of storied political writer Mike Hailey’s ‘Best Advertising’ award and Campaign and Elections magazine’s ‘Best Legislative TV ad’, this positive 30 second T.V. spot stood on its own and garnered much attention at a time when opponents were lashing out against each other. Only three House elections were won by a smaller percentage than Texas State Representative Cindy Burkett’s and Hailey of CapitolInside.com exclaims, “In House District 101, the feel-good Burkett ad with a soft swipe at Obama was a smart piece of work that might have made a difference”. This ad was created, produced, and edited at Wiedemann Digital.

Texas Rangers Association Foundation
Texas Rangers Association Foundation

With special guests Robert Duvall, Stoney LaRue, and The Quebe Sisters in attendance, this event benefitting the Texas Rangers Foundation was surely not one to be missed. Wiedemann Digital’s camera crew was in attendance to catch all the action that ensued, including a wild and crazy auction that had several items going for over $20,000.

Kool DJ Supa Mike — Artist Trailer
Kool DJ Supa Mike -- Artist Trailer

This 90 second video was created for Louisiana based turntable artist Kool DJ Supa Mike. With 2 national appearances on BET’s ‘Rap City’, 3 Dirty South DJ of the Year awards, and 2 Music Director of the Year awards –he hardly needed the attention, but we were happy to oblige either way. Click through to check it out.

Cindy Burkett – Involved in the Community
Cindy Burkett - Involved in the Community

Winner of a National Pollie Award for ‘Best Web Video State Legislature’, this 90 second video for State Representative Cindy Burkett shows her true dedication and care for her district as shown by the people who know her best.

Breaking Boundaries
Breaking Boundaries

Breaking Boundaries is the story of gender boundaries in sports and how one male field hockey player stood up for his rights as an athlete despite pressure from opposing sides. This documentary aired on PBS in New York and was created, produced, and edited at Wiedemann Digital.

‘Joe’s with Us’
'Joe's with Us'

This 30 second political ad for State Representative Joe Driver of Garland, TX tells the story of an impromptu political rally by concerned citizens and the one man who listened, stood up, and fought for their voices to be heard. This ad was created, produced, and edited at Wiedemann Digital.